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Born into a poor family in rural Jamaica, to a teenage mother and an infamous father, Odetta has had a life that is nothing short of a miracle. She lost her father when she was six years old to criminality; she did not graduate from high school and was a college dropout who was pregnant twice before she was age 17, once from sexual abuse. Despite her many life lessons, by age 25, Odetta became a Vice President in a US Fortune 500 company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with a global staff contingent of 74,000 operating in 100 countries and generating US $5 Billion in revenue at that time. As such, Odetta was able to design and construct her first dream house for her family to replace the dilapidated board house she was raised in. 

An astute risk-taker with big dreams and a big heart, Odetta Rockhead-Kerr has over 25 years of professional experience in the outsourcing, technology, and transformation space. Her last job in corporate saw her operating in the capacity of Country Head and Vice President at a US-based company that she registered and launched in her home country, Jamaica. She was the company’s first employee. Under her leadership, the entity grew to a high of 6,000 employees in only five years and at a rate of 1,000 per year. With 85% of its revenue generated by a Fortune 500 clientele, it became the largest private-sector employer in Jamaica and a premier employer of choice, resulting in awards and recognition from the United Nations, The Financial Times, Frost & Sullivan, and The Rockefeller Foundation. She was also nominated by the Jamaica Observer for its Business Leader Award, among other prestigious nominations.

Odetta retired at age 42 from working in corporate to pursue her passion for creating income-earning opportunities for all to include the disenfranchised, the underserved, the marginalized, the undereducated, those with disabilities, retirees, college students etc. As the founder and CEO of GOFFAH Global, her objective is to address the opportunity gaps facing the underserved, knowing that her nation cannot reach its full potential if they cannot reach theirs. GOFFAH Global is a referral-based e-commerce platform, that allows its members to earn lucrative commissions when they refer goods and services to customers who buy products on GOFFAH at competitive prices while enjoying an exceptional user experience. Since retirement Odetta has also launched her campaign on her YouTube channel: Rockstar Academy (@odettarockheadkerr) with an objective to “Change Lives By Changing Mindset” and in a little over a year of being monetized gained over 500,000 subscribers. She also manages an online membership club on Patreon where she coaches over 500 members and provides coaching and consultations services to individuals and businesses.

Having done what was deemed impossible by many, her greatest aspiration in life is to see others experience their greatness and to change lives by changing mindsets. The tool Odetta has opted to use to accomplish this is her memoir and self-help success strategy 'No Regrets, Just Lessons (NRJL): Odetta Rockhead, UNEDITED, where she shares twelve critical life lessons learned through experience that she is confident will resurrect dreams, ignite passion and renew purpose.

Odetta freely admits to making mistakes, loving to laugh at herself, and detesting restrictions. She is passionate about family and improving people's lives, even while relentlessly pursuing her personal goals. Odetta is mother to two adult sons - one biologically, one through marriage; a wife; a non-executive board director, a justice of the peace, an entrepreneur, a mindset coach, content creator and a philanthropist. Odetta enjoys karaoke, canvas painting, photography, interior decorating, and generally defying odds. She is qualified at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


My Passion & Purpose 



Founder & CEO

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Content Creator

Mindset Coach

Milestones & Accomplishments 

  • 20+ years in outsourcing, technology & transformation

  • VP & Country Head, Sutherland: 7 Years; 5,500 Staff Members

  • VP, Xerox: 15 Years; 4,500 Staff Members

  • VP in US Fortune 500 at Age 25

  • Launched and grew Sutherland by 1,000 professionals annually

  • Board Member: Public and Private Sector

  • Founder & CEO: GOFFAH

  • Published Author: No Regrets, Just Lessons: Odetta Rockhead, UNEDITED

  • Speaker and Mindset Coach

Where I have Worked

Countries Where I have Led Operations 


Clients I Have Supported

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