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14 Extremely WEIRD But LEGAL Ways to Make Up To US$8,000 A Month

We live in a world of infinite possibilities, including some truly out-of-the-box ways to rake in some decent cash. If you're up for exploring some peculiar avenues of income, then strap in! Let's unveil these unconventional money-making methods.

1. Your Hair’s Worth More Than You Think

Ever gazed into the mirror, touching your luscious locks and wondered about its monetary worth? With a surging demand for hair extensions and wigs, your hair's health and length could lead to substantial earnings. Platforms like [HairSellOn]( ensure you safely trade your tresses.

2. Undergarments as Assets?

If your hair isn't cashing in for you, what about your underwear? On sites like [Pantydeal](, selling used undergarments is a lucrative venture. And no, we aren't jesting. It might be surprising, but used underwear, mainly panties, has a burgeoning market, mostly driven by fetish interests. Sellers averagely earn $20-$30 per set.

3. The Peculiar Poop Scoop Business

Why not venture into the dirty work of dog poop scooping? Platforms like [PooperScoopers]( offer a chance to make money for a job most people shy away from.

4. Your Car, Your Cash Cow

Rather than letting your car laze around in the garage, consider car rentals. Peer-to-peer car rentals are flourishing on platforms like [Turo]( and [GetAround]( in the USA, and [DriveMyCar]( in Australia.

5. Rocks: The Unconventional Goldmine

While the 70s pet rock trend might have ebbed, the demand for unique rocks persists. There's a vast market for unique stones for either decorative or spiritual reasons. Platforms like [rockseeker]( provide insights on how to monetize this hobby.

6. Be a Hero: Donate Plasma

Beyond the intrinsic reward of potentially saving lives, donating plasma can add an extra $300-$700 to your monthly earnings.

7. The Gift of Life through Donation

While it requires meeting stringent criteria, being a sperm or egg donor can financially reward. For instance, [Cryobank]( offers compensation ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per egg donation cycle and approximately $70 for sperm donation.

8. Sock It Up

If selling underwear seems mainstream, how about selling used socks? As eyebrow-raising as it might sound, there's a market for this too. This [guide]( will help you navigate the realm of sock selling.

9. Footsie Fortune

Foot photography is not only a thing but a paying one. Platforms like [FunwithFeet]( help you monetize your foot snaps, with some sellers raking in close to $5,000 monthly!

10. Profit through Problem Solving

With [MindSumo](, you can cash in your ideas and problem-solving abilities, with rewards going up to $1600.

11. Clinical Trials and Standardized Patients

Lend your body to science and get paid for it. Be it through clinical trials from the [National Library of Medicine]( or being a standardized patient, you can monetize your involvement in medical training and research.

12. Selling Bodily Outputs: Poop and Breast Milk

Yes, selling your fecal matter is a thing. Platforms like [OpenBiome]( allow you to earn up to $13,000 yearly. On the other hand, if you're a lactating mother, [National Milk Bank]( provides an avenue to sell your breast milk.

13. Surrogate for Hope and Money

Surrogacy is not just a profound way to bless childless couples but also a means to make a substantial income. Agencies like [Hope Surrogacy]( offer potential earnings up to a whopping US$80,000, depending on various considerations.

14. The Final Scoop on Poop

Doubling down on the fecal matter sale, fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) is the new frontier. With platforms like OpenBiome, your poop could be the next gold, especially if you're among the select 2% deemed eligible.

In Conclusion

While some of these methods might sound strange or even funny, they are legal and can genuinely help boost your income. So, which unusual path will you take to financial prosperity?

Disclaimer: The above article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. Always conduct thorough research before engaging in any business or transaction.

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Greetings. Thank You so Much For All You do. Your efforts are appreciated by Me. I would like to work from home. I need to know whay “Basic hardware and or software do I need to be efficient and successful with the different apps websites etc? I’m financially and technologically challenged could really use Your advice on this as I Really need to start generating income. I have My Cousin willing to help Me with a device (phone- I have iPhone 7. iPad(64?) Laptop. Desktop). Thank You


This blog looks great. I was thinking that I might need to stock up on some pictures myself. And thank you for that link example. I was afraid to do it

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