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Call and Earn: Top 14 Remote Platforms Paying Up to $18 per Call in 2024

Are you looking for a unique way to earn money without leaving your home? The good news is, your phone can be more than just a communication tool; it can be a source of income! We're not talking about typical customer service roles, but innovative, lucrative opportunities to earn as much as $18 per call. I’ve researched and compiled a list of the top 14 legitimate companies offering such opportunities. These platforms are free to join and, for many, globally accessible. Let’s dive into these exciting telephonic job opportunities.

1. Confero: Mystery Shopping Over the Phone

Confero, a significant mystery shopping provider, offers globally accessible telephonic jobs.

- Role: Conduct mystery shopping calls and provide feedback.

- Earnings: $10 to $15 per call.

- Apply: Confero

2. Blue Zebra: Appointment Setting Remotely

Blue Zebra specializes in remote appointment setting services.

- Role: Cold calling for various companies.

- Requirements: Minimum 5 years of experience required.

- Earnings: Starts at $15/hour, with potential increases.

3. Cash4Minutes: Convert Calls to Cash

This unique platform allows you to turn unused call minutes into earnings.

- Role: Earn while listening to internet radio stations.

- Earnings: Approximately $0.06/minute.

- Apply: Cash4Minutes

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4. ARC: Call Analysis and Mystery Shopping

ARC offers intriguing opportunities in call analysis and mystery shopping.

- Role: Perform cold calls and customer surveys.

- Requirements: Welcomes multilingual speakers.

5. CallCenterQA: Mystery Shopping Calls

This platform provides high-paying telephonic mystery shopping jobs.

- Role: Mystery shopping and feedback.

- Earnings: Up to $5 per call.

6. Upcall: Cold Calling Experts

Upcall offers engaging cold calling opportunities for various sectors.

- Earnings: Base pay plus commission, around $12/hour.

- Requirements: Open to USA-based callers only.

- Apply: Upcall Jobs

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7. Perception Strategies: Healthcare Mystery Shopping

Specializing in the healthcare sector, Perception Strategies provides mystery shopping services.

- Role: Evaluate healthcare company services.

- Earnings: Around $15 per call.

8. Secret Shopper: Versatile Mystery Shopping

Engage in mystery shopping across various industries with Secret Shopper.

- Role: Mystery shopping calls and feedback submission.

- Earnings: Around $15 per call.

9. Reality Based Group: Customer Experience Analysis

Focused on customer behavior evaluation, Reality Based Group offers rewarding opportunities.

- Role: Feedback calls to various companies.

- Earnings: $15 to $18 per successful call.

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10. Yardi Matrix: Housing Market Surveys

Yardi Matrix is all about surveys in the housing and apartment industry.

- Earnings: About $6/hour plus bonuses.

- Apply: Yardi Matrix

11. CoinByCall: Earn Crypto for Calls

An innovative platform that rewards you with cryptocurrency for making calls.

- Role: Make calls and earn Bitcoin or Litecoin.

- Apply: CoinByCall

12. SkilCheck: Data Collection through Calls

SkilCheck conducts surveys and data collection via phone.

- Earnings: Approx. $15 per hour.

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13. Xerox: Virtual Customer Care

Xerox, known for its photocopying services, also offers home-based customer care jobs.

- Earnings: $15 to $20 per hour based on experience.

- Apply: Xerox Careers

14. Amazon MTurk: Freelance Phone Jobs

Amazon’s MTurk platform includes a variety of phone-based freelance opportunities.

- Earnings: Varies, with consistent project availability.

Your phone can be more than just a device for texts and calls; it can be a powerful tool for earning a substantial income. From mystery shopping to survey calls, these 14 platforms offer a range of telephonic job opportunities that are not only legitimate but also potentially lucrative. Choose the one that best fits your skills and start making money with each call you make. It's time to dial into success!

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