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Earn Money Reading: 7 Legitimate Websites That Pay You to Read and Review Books

Do you love to get lost in the pages of a good book or find yourself constantly scanning articles online? If your passion lies in reading, why not turn this hobby into a money-making venture? That's right! There are online platforms that will pay you to read, review, and critique. Let's delve into seven such companies that will happily reward your reading endeavors. 

 1. Reedsy

Reedsy is a comprehensive platform for aspiring authors and publishing professionals. It connects writers with skilled editors, designers, and marketers to help bring their work to life. As a professional on Reedsy, you can earn money by offering services such as editing or cover design. Your earnings will depend on your rates and the number of projects you take on, offering a flexible and creative way to monetize your reading and editorial skills. The platform is known for its high-quality projects and offers opportunities for significant income based on your expertise and reputation within the community.

Booklist is a well-regarded book review magazine published by the American Library Association. While they don't typically offer payment for reviews, being a contributor can open up other opportunities within the literary world, making it a valuable stepping stone for passionate readers and budding writers. You'll be writing reviews for a vast audience of librarians, book group leaders, and booksellers, thereby gaining visibility and credibility in the industry. This exposure can lead to paid gigs, speaking opportunities, and other professional engagements.

Instaread is a unique platform that provides summaries of books and insights. They often require writers to read and distill books into comprehensive, engaging summaries. While the pay rate isn't public, this could be a fascinating opportunity for avid readers who can synthesize information effectively. This platform is ideal for those who enjoy summarizing complex ideas and presenting them in a clear, concise manner. Your summaries will help busy professionals and curious readers get the gist of a book in a fraction of the time.

Writerful Books is a publishing company that pays readers for honest and comprehensive book reviews, particularly for contemporary novels from American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, and New Zealand authors. Each review submitted and accepted could earn you between $10 and $50. This platform values detailed and thoughtful critiques, so your ability to analyze and articulate your thoughts on a book will be rewarded. Writerful Books is an excellent choice for those who enjoy reading new fiction and providing in-depth reviews.

At, you can get paid to review books. After signing up, you'll initially write a few reviews for free to establish your reputation. Then, you can start earning, with payments for reviews ranging from $5 to $60, paid via PayPal. This platform is a great starting point for those new to paid book reviews. The community is supportive, and the process is straightforward. You'll gain experience, build your portfolio, and start earning money for your insights on various books.

Known for its prestigious book reviews, Kirkus Media often hires freelance book reviewers to write insightful, 350-word reviews. The pay isn't publicly disclosed, but they have a reputation for being fair. If you're a fast reader who can provide a concise critique, this could be a fantastic opportunity. Working with Kirkus Media can significantly enhance your credibility as a book reviewer, and the connections you make can lead to further opportunities in the literary field.

If spotting a misplaced comma or incorrect spelling is second nature to you, then proofreading could be your calling. pays between $19 to $46 per hour, depending on the urgency of the project. You can proofread a wide array of content, from academic papers to legal documents. This platform offers flexible work arrangements and competitive pay, making it an excellent option for those with a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision.

 Bonus Opportunities

Here are some additional platforms where you can leverage your reading and writing skills:

- Upwork: A freelancing platform where you can find various gigs related to reading, writing, and editing.

- ACX: A platform for audiobook production where you can get paid for narrating and producing audiobooks.

- A platform offering transcription services where you can earn money by transcribing audio and video content.

- Scribendi: A professional editing and proofreading service where you can work as a freelance editor.

Turning your love for reading into a lucrative venture has never been easier. While each platform has its own requirements and earning potential, the opportunities are diverse and plentiful. Take the time to explore each one and discover the best fit for you. Here's to a rewarding journey of reading and earning!

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