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How To Make $800 A Day Creating Faceless YouTube Videos From YOUR PHONE With This App

Updated: Jan 2

Starting a YouTube channel with just your phone and no intention of showing your face or using your voice can seem daunting. You might be unsure about generating video ideas, writing engaging scripts, or editing videos. Creating an appealing thumbnail, writing a compelling video description, or figuring out the right keywords for views might also be challenging. Professional services could cost about $250 per video or demand 12-36 hours of your time as a beginner. But now, there's a solution!

This FREE COURSE for beginners will guide you through creating faceless YouTube videos from your phone in under 10 minutes, potentially earning you $800 per day. For instance, the "Luxury Zone" channel averages 80K views a day. The InVideo AI Mobile App transforms a video title or a simple idea into a complete YouTube video with an engaging script, background music, subtitles, stock footage, and a human-sounding voiceover - all from your phone. All I ask in return for this course is to like and comment "Value" if you find it helpful.

 Step 1 – Pick A Niche

Treat YouTube as a business from the start. Select a niche with high earning potential. Here are some top-paying niches on YouTube with their estimated CPMs:

- Finance and Investment: $20 - $50

- Business and Entrepreneurship: $15 - $30

- Tech Reviews and Tutorials: $10 - $20

- Luxury & Lifestyle: $10 - $20

- Legal Advice and Services: $20 - $45

- Health and Wellness: $10 - $20

- Real Estate: $15 - $25

- Beauty and Skincare: $8 - $18

- Travel and Adventure: $8 - $16

- Automotive: $12 - $20

- Parenting and Family: $8 - $15

Aim for at least $10 per 1,000 views in RPM. For example, the Luxury and Lifestyle niche, with $10-20 CPM, can net about $10 in RPM. With 80K views daily, like the faceless "Luxury Zone" channel, you could earn $800 a day or $24K a month.

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 Step 2 – Get Title Ideas For Your Faceless Videos

Use ChatGPT with the prompt, "Give me 50 YouTube video title ideas in the Luxury and Lifestyle niche that include viral keywords and consider SEO to rank in search". Here are some title examples:

1. "10 Must-Visit Luxury Destinations in 2024"

2. "Unveiling the Top 5 Most Expensive Watches of the Year"

3. "A Day in the Life of a Luxury Lifestyle Influencer"

4. ... [and more]

Step 3 – Create Your Faceless Video With Your Phone Using InVideo AI

1. Visit the new InVideo AI link in the description below this video to get started:  - Use Code "ORK50". and download the app.

2. Choose a title from the ChatGPT list, like "10 Must-Visit Luxury Destinations in 2024".

3. Select "YouTube Explainer" and fill out the form. Aim for an 8-10 minute video.

4. Add details like background music, voiceover accent, subtitles, etc.

5. Generate the video, selecting your audience and look and feel.

6. If needed, regenerate or edit the video using text-based commands.

7. Utilize InVideo's media library for footage and script editing.

8. Export the video to your phone.

You may follow these steps on a video posted on my YouTube channel: Odetta Rockhead Kerr with a similar title for a visual tutorial of this process .

InVideo AI offers a free version, but a paid plan starting at $20/month removes watermarks and provides access to over 8M royalty-free clips. Using the coupon "ABC" gets you 50 extra AI minutes for the first month.


Creating faceless YouTube videos with Invideo AI is a promising avenue for significant income from your phone. By focusing on lucrative niches, effective thumbnails, and monetization and SEO strategies, you can leverage YouTube’s massive audience. Consistency and quality are crucial for success. Remember, Invideo AI is currently only available on the Apple App Store, but you can use a computer for non-Apple devices.

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Very helpful and informative video


People - she IS helping us ALL! She is posting all this content for FREE! She has all these GREAT ideas on how to make money from home or anywhere in the world and she is sharing them with us all for FREE! That IS helping where I come from.

Thank you SO MUCH Odetta! For your awesome ideas! (And being gracious enough to share with us🙏)



Try Pictory AI for Android phones 😎

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c queen
c queen
Jan 30

Good information. Thanks for sharing.😀


Hi is the invideo app available for android!?…please.

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You can use it on your computer. That is what I do. Works well.

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