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How to Make US$150 Per Day Typing Names Online Worldwide in 2024 – We Did It!

Are you searching for a legitimate way to make money from home? Perhaps you've stumbled upon various online opportunities that seemed too good to be true. In this post, we're going to demystify one such method: making US$150 per day simply by typing names online, accessible worldwide. This method is not only feasible but also a practical side hustle as we move into 2024.


The internet is riddled with money-making promises that often do not pan out. However, every so often, a legitimate opportunity arises that is worth investigating. That said, I've always believed in the saying, "The Rich Get Richer Because The Poor Think Every Opportunity Is A Scam." It’s important to approach new opportunities with an open mind but also a healthy dose of skepticism.

Like many of you, I encountered claims that one could earn up to US$150 per day just by typing names online. Initially skeptical, my team and I decided to put this claim to the test, ensuring we did due diligence to separate fact from fiction.

The Opportunity Unveiled

The proposition of earning money by typing names is simple and potentially lucrative. The process claims that you can earn up to $20 by typing just a few names, increase to $100 for five pages, and even more as you continue. Websites promoting this opportunity often provide calculators estimating potential earnings, with some suggesting a rate of 10 cents per word.

Setting the Stage: Getting Started

Our journey began at [](, a website that purportedly offers numerous home-based job opportunities, including typing jobs. The site itself was laden with ads, which initially raised some concerns about its legitimacy. Despite this, we proceeded to explore the available opportunities, focusing specifically on online typing jobs which promised annual incomes ranging from $13,500 to $27,000.

Online Typing Jobs: What’s on Offer? claims that these positions are accessible worldwide and require no specific skill level, making them ideal for beginners. To validate typing skills, applicants are directed to []( to take a free typing test, which provides a certificate upon successful completion. This certificate is crucial as it ostensibly boosts your marketability to potential employers by verifying your typing proficiency.

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Applying for Typing Jobs

The application process at seemed straightforward. After obtaining your typing certificate from Ratatype, you would return to TalentDesire to apply for typing jobs. The website required potential applicants to navigate through several steps, including filling out detailed application forms and submitting personal information.

Our Experience

Despite following all the outlined steps and applying, both Natasha from our team and I encountered radio silence. There was no confirmation email or any form of communication indicating whether our applications were successful or even received. This lack of response was disheartening and prompted further investigation into the legitimacy of

In pursuit of more information, I consulted several platforms like Trustpilot, Quora, and Reddit. Unfortunately, the feedback was overwhelmingly negative, with many users echoing our concerns about the lack of communication and the ad-heavy nature of the website. It seemed increasingly likely that the primary goal of TalentDesire might be to generate revenue through ad impressions rather than genuinely providing job opportunities.

Exploring Viable Alternatives

Despite this setback, it's crucial to note that not all online typing jobs are scams. Legitimate opportunities exist, and many individuals successfully earn a steady income by engaging in online typing work. Here are some reputable platforms where you can genuinely earn up to US$150 per day through typing-related tasks:

- TranscribeMe: Known for offering competitive transcription rates.

- Scribie: Provides transcription jobs that pay fairly for audio hour work.

- Babbletype: Specializes in transcription services with a focus on market research.

- SpeakWrite: Offers transcription services, particularly catering to legal and law enforcement fields.

- Rev: A well-known platform for transcription, captioning, and foreign subtitle creation.

- Working Solutions: Offers various remote work opportunities, including data entry and transcription jobs.

These platforms are tested and trusted, providing realistic earning potentials without the ambiguity and red flags we encountered with TalentDesire.

While the initial promise of making $150 per day by typing names online via did not pan out as hoped, this exploration into online typing jobs has highlighted both the potential pitfalls and the genuine opportunities within the digital workspace. If you're considering this path, I encourage you to research thoroughly, start with proven platforms, and always remain cautious of offers that seem too lucrative without requiring much effort or skill.

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