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How to Make US$900 a Day with Google Trends and InVideo AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever wondered how to make $900 a day with minimal effort? Imagine leveraging the power of Google Trends and InVideo AI to create faceless videos that generate significant income. In this detailed tutorial, I'll show you a new and easy secret method to capitalize on trending topics and news, turning them into profitable videos. Get ready to copy and paste your way to financial success!

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In today’s blog, I'll share how we used this simple copy-and-paste Google method to grow a YouTube channel in 45 days. The results will surprise you! I’ll also show you how to elevate this method and answer some of the questions from the original video.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Google Trends and InVideo AI

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Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool provided by Google that analyzes the popularity and frequency of search queries over time. Here’s how to use it:

1. Access Google Trends: Go to Google Trends.

2. Set Location: Change your location to the US (or your preferred region) in the top right-hand corner.

3. Explore Trends: On the home page, you'll see trending topics. Select "Explore" from the menu and filter by location, time period, category, or web search. We typically choose the past 7 days, all categories, and web search.

4. Trending Now: Use "Trending Now" to get ideas. Under daily search trends, only use topics with 100K searches or more. For real-time search trends, choose trends on the rise.

5. Subscribe to Trends: Select "Subscriptions" from the menu, click the + (plus) sign, and choose "Trending Searches." Set it to "Top Daily Search Trends" and "As It Happens" to get real-time updates in your email.

 Creating a Video with InVideo AI

1. Select a Topic: From your Google Trends email, pick a trending topic. For instance, "Negging" from a recent email.

2. Search and Copy: Search the term on Google, find a relevant article, and copy the link.

3. Create a Video: 

   - Visit InVideo AI and select "Explore All" -> "News Video."

   - Paste the link in the search bar and create a news video.

   - Choose background music, voiceover options, and add subtitles.

   - Click "Generate Video" and let InVideo AI do the rest.

 Optimizing and Editing Your Video

1. Edit Script and Voiceover:

   - Add a personalized welcome at the beginning of your video.

   - Use InVideo AI to clone your voice for more authenticity.

   - Adjust background music and add subtitles.

2. Export and Publish:

   - Once satisfied, export your video and upload it to YouTube or your preferred platform.

   - Regularly post 1-3 videos daily based on trending topics for maximum reach and engagement.

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 Source 2 – Google News

1. Access Google News: Go to Google News.

2. Select an Article: Choose a trending article, copy the link, and use the same InVideo AI process to create a video.

3. For detailed steps: Watch the related video starting at minute 17:30 for a step-by-step guide on using Google News with InVideo AI.

 Our Channel's Success

- Initial Steps: Posted 16 videos in 8 months, gaining only 26 subscribers.

- Strategy Change: Used the Google Trends and InVideo AI method, posted 1-3 videos daily.

- Results: Gained over 500 subscribers and significant views within 45 days, nearing monetization quickly.

 Common Questions Answered

1. Using Stock Footage:

   - Include relevant stock footage from InVideo AI’s extensive media library.

   - Use Creative Commons videos and images to avoid copyright issues.

2. Monetization with AI Videos:

   - AI-created videos can be monetized on YouTube. Follow the steps in the related video for detailed instructions.

3. Achieving Income Goals:

   - Consistently post trending topic videos, aiming for 160K views daily to make $900. Even 40K views daily can generate $6,000 a month.


By leveraging Google Trends and InVideo AI, you can create trending topic videos easily and potentially earn up to $900 a day. Remember, consistency and adding value are key. For more details, watch the related videos and get started with InVideo AI today.

Start creating and monetizing your videos today!

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