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Master These 9 Free AI Tools in 2024: Earn Up to $12,000 Monthly from Anywhere

In the 1980s, personal computers began transforming homes, and by the mid-90s to early 2000s, the Internet revolutionized our lives, sparking the "dot-com boom." Early adopters of these technologies reaped significant rewards, with many becoming millionaires. Today, AI is the next technological revolution, offering immense opportunities for those who embrace it early. Here are the top 9 free AI tools of 2024 that can help you earn up to $12,000 a month, leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.


  • Overview: GAMMA is a versatile tool that helps you create professional presentations, PDFs, and website copywriting with simple prompts.

  • How to Use:

  • Create a free account on Gamma.

  • Enter a prompt such as "The 10 best AI tools to make money in 2024 and how to use them to make money."

  • Choose your preferred format (cards, presentations) and theme.

  • Generate a professional presentation within minutes.

  • Monetization:

  • Create lessons on in-demand topics like "Personal Development and Self-Improvement" and share them on Skillshare. Earn between $0.05 and $0.10 per minute watched.

  • Sell presentations on freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, offering your services to create customized presentations for clients.

2. Gling

  • Overview: Gling automates video editing by removing filler words, long pauses, and bad takes, making video production faster and easier.

  • How to Use:

  • Upload your raw video file to Gling.

  • The AI transcribes the audio and identifies areas for improvement.

  • Review and manually adjust the edits, then export the final video.

  • Monetization:

  • Create and monetize educational YouTube videos. Earn approximately $10 per 1,000 views. With 40,000 daily views, you could make $12,000 monthly.

  • Offer video editing services on freelance platforms, leveraging Gling to speed up your workflow.

3. Google Gemini

  • Overview: Google Gemini is an AI model that excels in generating text, code, and images, providing rich and natural-sounding content.

  • How to Use:

  • Access Google Gemini.

  • Use it to generate content-rich text and high-quality images.

  • Compare the results to other AI tools, noting the superior quality of Gemini's outputs.

  • Monetization:

  • Create customized books and publish them on Amazon KDP. Selling 14 books daily at $30 each can generate $12,000 monthly.

  • Write blogs on Google Blogger and monetize with Google Adsense, aiming for 4,000 daily views to reach $12,000 monthly.

4. VidIQ

  • Overview: VidIQ is an AI tool that helps you optimize your YouTube channel with AI-generated titles, thumbnails, descriptions, and keywords.

  • How to Use:

  • Sign up for VidIQ.

  • Use VidIQ to get daily video ideas and SEO-optimized elements for your videos.

  • Follow the AI's guidance to improve your video's visibility and engagement.

  • Monetization:

  • Grow your YouTube channel by gaining more views and subscribers, potentially earning up to $12,000 monthly from ad revenue.

  • Use the insights and tools provided by VidIQ to create content that attracts a larger audience.

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5. Eleven Labs

  • Overview: Eleven Labs offers advanced text-to-speech capabilities, allowing you to create realistic and expressive voiceovers.

  • How to Use:

  • Enter your text on Eleven Labs.

  • Choose a voiceover and generate high-quality audio.

  • Integrate the voiceover into your videos or other content.

  • Monetization:

  • Create YouTube content using high-quality voiceovers.

  • Offer voiceover services on freelance platforms, charging around $50 per hour. Using AI, you can complete 8 hours' worth of work in less than an hour.

6. Kittl

  • Overview: Kittl is an AI tool that generates high-quality images and graphics, perfect for print-on-demand products and personal branding.

  • How to Use:

  • Use Kittl to create custom designs.

  • Generate prompts like "3D image of gold, black, and white orchids on a black background" to create unique artwork.

  • Upload your designs to Printify for product creation.

  • Monetization:

  • Sell digital art on platforms like Etsy and Gumroad. Pricing each download at $3, you need to sell 133 downloads daily to make $12,000 monthly.

  • Launch a print-on-demand business, offering custom-designed products.

7. Hostinger

  • Overview: Hostinger's AI Website Builder allows you to create professional websites quickly and easily.

  • How to Use:

  • Sign up on Hostinger.

  • Describe your business and use the AI tools to create a website.

  • Customize your site with the built-in features.

  • Monetization:

  • Post blogs and monetize with Google Adsense and affiliate links.

  • Sell products or services directly from your website, leveraging the SEO capabilities of Hostinger.

8. CapCut

  • Overview: CapCut is a video editing app with AI-powered features that simplify the editing process.

  • How to Use:

  • Use CapCut to edit your videos with AI features like text-to-speech and AI characters.

  • Sync AI characters' lips with voiceovers for engaging content.

  • Monetization:

  • Create and monetize YouTube videos, potentially earning ad revenue.

  • Partner with brands for sponsored content and offer video editing services to businesses.

9. SongR

  • Overview: SongR is an AI tool that generates music based on prompts, ideal for creating original songs and soundtracks.

  • How to Use:

  • Use SongR to generate song lyrics and music.

  • Combine the music with video creation tools like Canva to produce complete videos.

  • Monetization:

  • Post songs on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music to earn royalties.

  • Create and monetize music videos on YouTube.


Unlock your earning potential with these free AI tools in 2024. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or entrepreneur, these tools can help you generate a substantial income from anywhere in the world. Start your AI-powered income journey today and transform your financial future!

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