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How To Change Your Behaviour And Change YOUR LIFE

Inside The House I Grew Up In

"I was born poor, and oh my god, it's such a blessing.”

Those are words I never thought I would say. But here I stand today, having traveled a journey paved with hardships and lessons. Being born poor wasn't my choice, but dying poor was my decision but allowing that circumstance to determine my destiny would have been.

Poverty has many facets. It’s not just an economic status, but a mindset, a construct that can either confine or empower. I’ve learned that while being born poor was by chance, remaining poor is a choice. It's easy to be enveloped by the stigma of poverty, internalizing its limitations and using it as an excuse for inaction. But today, I urge you to pivot your perspective, to use your past as a driving force towards a promising future.

Misconceptions of Wealth

When we delve into the actions and habits of the wealthy, we might assume they have it easy. But they have their own set of learned behaviours that differentiate them from those who stay confined to a cycle of poverty.

1. Consumption Over Creation: One major difference between the rich and poor is how they use their time. If you’re up to date with every celebrity scandal or binge-watching series after series, you’re robbing yourself of time that could be spent on personal development, building, and creating. Rich people feed their minds with knowledge and strategize ways to expand their wealth. They aren’t passive consumers; they’re active creators.

2. Waiting for a Saviour: Many who struggle financially often wait for someone, or something, to change their fate. But salvation starts from within. The rich understand that their destiny lies in their own hands, not in the hands of fate.

3. Losing Precious Time Early mornings can be a golden time for productivity. The wealthy understand the value of each hour, maximizing their day to ensure progress in their endeavours. If you’re consistently oversleeping or mismanaging your time, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities.

4. Living for the Now: Having no savings or emergency fund is like driving a car with no seatbelt. Even small, consistent savings can accumulate over time, providing a safety net for unforeseen challenges.

5. Lifestyle Inflation: As earnings increase, so do the temptations to upscale lifestyles. But just because you can afford something doesn't mean you should buy it. The rich understand the difference between wants and needs. They prioritize investment over expenditure.

The Mindset that Differentiates the Rich from the Poor

In the vast spectrum of human behaviour, there's a distinct line that often differentiates the prosperous from those stuck in a cycle of financial instability. It's less about the amount of money one has in the bank and more about mindset. Here's a deeper look into the behaviours that separate the rich from the poor, and how cultivating the right attitude can shape your financial future.

Debt and Desires: A Trap or a Tool?

We live in a world driven by instant gratification. Modern society continually bombards us with temptations to spend beyond our means. Often, people fall into the trap of accumulating debt to fund their desires. They might borrow for an extravagant wedding, a fancy party, or that new flat-screen TV, even if the one they already own works perfectly fine. The cycle continues as they leverage credit cards to get the latest iPhone, even when they lack the capacity to pay it back.

This kind of behaviour leads to a debt spiral where liabilities pile up. However, the affluent view debt differently. Instead of using it to acquire liabilities, they utilize it as a tool to invest and grow wealth. The discerning understanding of good debt versus bad debt is a hallmark of financial wisdom.

The Gossip Pitfall: How Small Talk Defines Big Dreams

We've all encountered it. Gossip. The insidious whispers that can tear relationships apart and stifle personal growth. While it might seem harmless or even entertaining, gossip is a significant distraction. Unfortunately, those with a poor mindset often fall into the trap of gossip, envy, and criticism, especially when confronted with someone else's success.

It's easy to label successful people as having had undue advantages or accuse them of taking shortcuts. However, criticism is an external projection of one's internal limitations. It's a defence mechanism to justify inaction and deflect personal responsibility. Rich-minded individuals, in contrast, avoid the pitfalls of gossip and negativity. They recognize that time spent on such trivial matters detracts from their goals. Their focus is on constructive actions and maintaining a positive environment that encourages growth.

The Power of Commitment and Resilience

One glaring trait that differentiates mindset is the ability to follow through. Ideas are aplenty, but execution is where the magic happens. Those trapped in a poverty mindset often find excuses for inaction. They procrastinate, let fear paralyze them, and give up at the first sign of adversity.

Conversely, those with a rich mindset exhibit grit and determination. They see failure as a stepping stone to success, understanding that every setback offers a lesson. They're willing to invest in themselves, take risks, and persist through challenges because they believe in their potential.

A Balanced Perspective on Faith

While faith is a powerful force, it shouldn't be a crutch. Relying solely on divine intervention without taking action is a recipe for stagnation. The saying "God helps those who help themselves" holds profound wisdom. Taking proactive steps towards your goals, while maintaining faith, is essential. Those with a rich mindset understand this delicate balance. They pray not just for miracles but for strength, clarity, and the courage to act.

Final Thoughts

Your mindset shapes your reality. Being "rich" or "poor" isn't just about money; it's about how you approach life, challenges, and opportunities. The choice between a poverty mindset and a prosperous one lies within each of us. Embrace positivity, take calculated risks, believe in your potential, and keep moving forward. After all, as rock stars in our own right, shouldn't we all strive for the best version of our lives? Remember, every decision, every thought, and every action contributes to the narrative of your life story. Choose wisely.

If you've made it this far, please share your thoughts in the comments. What do you believe are the defining traits of a rich mindset? If you've found value in this article, like, share, and consider subscribing to stay updated. Let's journey together towards prosperity and growth!

Transforming the Mindset

My journey from humble beginnings to financial stability was not just about earning more. It was a transformation in mindset, from seeing limitations to recognizing opportunities, from being reactive to being proactive.

When I started out in Kingston, I opted for a safe and recommended living space which cost me significant rent. But with time and familiarity, I found a more economically viable option, which allowed me to save. This shift wasn’t about depriving myself; it was about optimizing my resources.

In life, there are always opportunities to save, invest, and grow. Every decision, no matter how trivial it may seem, can either push you further into the cycle of poverty or pull you closer to financial freedom.

Charting Your Path to Success

The journey to financial freedom is paved with conscious choices. Recognize that each day offers a new chance to make decisions that inch you closer to your goals. Every book you read, every course you take, and every conversation you have can be a stepping stone to a better future.

Being born poor taught me resilience, determination, and the value of hard work. But I also learned that to break the cycle of poverty, one must continuously educate themselves, surround themselves with uplifting individuals, and remain unwavering in the pursuit of their dreams.

So, to my YouTube family, my rock stars, I implore you: embrace the lessons from your past, learn from your challenges, and always, always, strive for a brighter, wealthier future. Remember, wealth isn't just about money, it's about mindset. Change your mindset, and you can change your world.

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