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Turn Your Passion for Soup into a $800/Day Business: Real-Life Success Stories and Free Course

Are you tired of your 9-5 job and dreaming of becoming your own boss? Imagine turning a humble pot of soup into a thriving business that earns you $800 a day. It might sound too good to be true, but real-life success stories prove it's possible. In this detailed blog, we’ll explore how you can start your own soup business, drawing inspiration from successful entrepreneurs who’ve made it big. Plus, we offer a free course to guide you every step of the way.


In this blog, I share the experiences of three entrepreneurs who have successfully turned their passion for soup into a lucrative business. These real-life stories showcase six different models for selling soup in multiple countries. Whether you’re a seasoned chef, a culinary enthusiast, or simply good at following a recipe, these insights will motivate you to start your own soup business and potentially make $800 a day.

We’ve recently confirmed 13 additional Rockstar Grant Recipients, and we’re excited to support more initiatives, including soup businesses. If you’re interested in applying for the Rockstar Grant, visit my website and fill out the one-page application. Additionally, we’re offering a detailed business plan for the soup business, available for free.

 Success Stories and Case Studies

 Model 1: Starting Small with a Soup Pot

The Beginning – Meet Soupisha

Soupisha started her business with a simple coal stove and a pot, investing less than $250. She sold soup part-time while working full-time at a company I managed. Here’s how she did it:

- Initial Investment: Less than $250

- Daily Sales: 100 cups at $2 each, totaling $200

- Monthly Revenue: $5,200

- Net Profit: Approximately $4,000 after expenses

With plans to expand, Soupisha aims to buy a station wagon to deliver to construction sites by day and sell at her spot by night.

Getting Started

Here’s what you need to start a soup business:

- Soup Kettle: $87

- Large Soup Pot: $82

- Single Burner Gas Stove: $35

- 5-Gallon Igloo: $31

- Disposable Soup Bowls: $70

- Folding Table: $38

- Tablecloth, Aprons, Chef Hat: $42

- Ingredients and Miscellaneous: $105

Total Initial Investment: Approximately $373 - $403, depending on your setup.

 Model 2: The Hand-Cart Story

Meet Soupie

Soupie started selling soup from a handcart with an initial investment of around $500. After 18 months, he upgraded to a car trunk setup, significantly increasing his sales and revenue.

 Model 3: The Car Trunk / Van Success Story

Mr. Soupie’s Expansion

Mr. Soupie expanded his business by selling soup from the trunk of a station wagon, using three igloos to store soup and solids. His innovative setup allowed him to sell up to 400 cups daily, earning approximately $800 a day in revenue. Today, Mr. Soupie operates multiple locations and hires staff to help with cooking and selling.

Monthly Revenue: $20,000

Net Profit: $15,000 after overheads

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Model 4: The Mall Kiosk

US Soupie’s Journey

US Soupie, a Jamaican living in the US, started by selling soup to coworkers. His success led him to partner with a baked goods kiosk in a mall, where he sold 200 bowls daily at $4 each, earning $800 a day. After eight months, he was making more than his 9-5 job.

 Model 5: The Food Truck

Encouraged by his success, US Soupie invested in a used food truck. Now, he operates both the kiosk and the food truck, making over $1,500 a day for 25 days a month, totaling $37,500 in revenue.

 Model 6: The Restaurant

Aspiring to open a restaurant that sells soup from various cultures, US Soupie is on his way to building a multi-million dollar business.


Soup sells everywhere, and now you have the blueprint to start your own soup business. Whether you’re selling curry soup, rice soup, goat head soup, or tomato soup, you can achieve financial freedom. While money’s value varies worldwide, this business can retire you from your job. Remember, this outline doesn’t cover every detail, but it provides a successful concept to inspire you.

Start your journey today and become a future Soupie!

For more details, download the free Soup Selling Business Plan and explore how you can turn your passion for soup into a profitable venture.

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