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Make $850 a Day with a Faceless YouTube Channel Using AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: May 28

Are you ready to learn how to make US$850 a day with a faceless YouTube channel that only features viral videos? By leveraging AI tools like InVideo, Google News, and YouTube Transcript, you can create content in multiple languages and with your cloned voice, generating passive income from anywhere in the world. This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a successful YouTube channel without ever showing your face. Let’s dive in!

 Why Multiple Languages?

Creating videos in multiple languages opens your content to a vast audience. For instance:

- Hindi: Spoken by over 600 million people.

- Spanish: Spoken by 543 million people.

By sharing your videos in these languages, you add over 1.1 billion potential viewers, eliminating the need for translators and making your content more accessible. 

 Why Viral Videos?

The YouTube algorithm favors viral content, which tends to generate higher engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares. Recreating viral videos taps into existing trends and themes, increasing your chances of being recommended to users interested in similar content. We’ll also address potential copyright issues, ensuring your content is both engaging and compliant.

 Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Viral Videos

Step 1: Finding Viral Content

1. Search for Viral Videos in Your Niche:

   - Go to the YouTube homepage and search for your niche. For example, search for "inspiration."

   - Look for videos with over 1 million views. Here’s an example: Warren Buffet on Why Only 2% Succeed.

2. Get Video Ideas from Popular Channels:

   - Click on the channel name of the video.

   - Select "VIDEOS" and "POPULAR" to find more viral video ideas.

Step 2: Paraphrase the Content

1. Use YouTube Transcript:

   - Go to YouTube Transcript and paste the video link to get the transcript.


2. Paraphrase with ChatGPT:

   - Use this prompt in ChatGPT: 

     “Use this content to write an engaging article. Here is the content: [PASTE THE TRANSCRIPT]”


By paraphrasing and summarizing the video using ChatGPT, you create unique content that avoids copyright issues.

Step 3: Create the Video with InVideo AI

1. Clone Your Voice:

   - On the InVideo AI homepage, select "CREATE AI VIDEO" and then "EXPLORE ALL."

   - Choose "Clone Your Voice" and follow the instructions to record and upload your voice for cloning.

2. Create the Video:

   - On the InVideo AI homepage, click "CREATE AI VIDEO," then "EXPLORE ALL" and select "SCRIPT TO VIDEO."

   - Select "YOUTUBE VIDEO."

   - Paste the paraphrased article from ChatGPT into the script box.

   - Choose inspiring background music and select your cloned voice for the voiceover.

   - Add subtitles if desired and generate the video.

 Advanced Editing and Enhancements

1. Edit Media and Script:

   - Replace stock footage with specific images or videos by uploading media to InVideo AI.


2. Adjust Music and Effects:

   - Browse and select royalty-free music from the InVideo AI library.

   - Adjust the volume of the voiceover or background music as needed.

 Enabling Multiple Languages

1. Add Subtitles in Another Language:

   - To keep your video in English and add subtitles in another language, type "CHANGE THE SUBTITLE TO [LANGUAGE]" in the command box and generate.


2. Change Voiceover Language:

   - To change the voiceover to another language, type "CHANGE THE VOICEOVER TO [LANGUAGE]" in the command box and generate.

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 Publish and Monetize

Once your video is ready, you can publish it and start gaining views. By posting consistently and achieving YouTube monetization criteria, you can apply to the YouTube Partner Program and get paid for ads placed on your videos. To make $1,000 a day, you need 100,000 daily views, assuming a rate of $10 per 1,000 views. Even achieving half of that can provide a significant income.

 Detailed Steps to Create a Faceless YouTube Channel with Viral Videos

1. Clone Your Voice:

   - Select “Create AI Video” on the InVideo homepage.

   - Go to “Explore All” and choose “Clone Your Voice.”

   - Follow the instructions to record your voice for at least 30 seconds.

   - Upload the file to InVideo AI and confirm all necessary permissions.

   - Name your cloned voice for easy access in future projects.

2. Generate Viral Videos:

   - Select “Create AI Video” and choose “Script to Video.”

   - Choose the “YouTube Video” option.

   - Paste your paraphrased script from ChatGPT into the provided text box.

   - Choose background music and your cloned voice for the voiceover.

   - Add any necessary subtitles and generate the video.

3. Edit and Customize:

   - Use InVideo AI’s media and script editing tools to refine your video.

   - Replace stock footage with specific images or clips.

   - Add a call to action and finalize the script.

4. Add Multiple Languages:

   - To add subtitles in another language, use the command “CHANGE THE SUBTITLE TO [LANGUAGE].”

   - To change the voiceover language, use the command “CHANGE THE VOICEOVER TO [LANGUAGE].

   - Generate the video with these new settings.

5. Export and Publish:

   - Export your final video and save it to your computer.

   - Upload your video to YouTube and fill in the necessary details for SEO optimization.

   - Share your video on social media platforms to increase visibility and drive traffic.

 Final Thoughts

With video creation being this easy, you can be part of the 2% that succeed by posting consistently on YouTube and achieving the YouTube monetization criteria. Once approved, you will get paid for ads placed on your videos. To make $1,000 a day, which is $30,000 a month, you need to get 100,000 daily views. Achieving half of that can provide financial independence for most.

Just go to this Invideo and use my code “ORK50” to get twice the number of video generation credits in your first month. Start creating a successful faceless YouTube channel today and reach your financial goals!

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