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16 Websites Where Rich or Kind People Literally Give Away Free Money

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Before we dive into the exciting details of this seemingly unlikely scenario, it is important to establish a clear understanding. I am not an advocate for handouts or promoting dependency on others. I firmly believe in the virtue of diligent and smart work, coupled with self-sufficiency. However, life sometimes presents unique situations where individuals find themselves in need of financial aid due to circumstances entirely beyond their control.

As someone who was born into poverty, I understand this predicament first-hand. I recall my childhood years, watching my idol - my grandmother, slowly wither away and die from an illness that money could easily have cured. In those moments, the promise of free money would have been a welcomed relief. This poignant memory, among others, is shared in my memoir No Regrets, Just Lessons: Odetta Rockhead UNEDITED – Link For More Details -

Moreover, it is my firm belief that if you can find ways to use people’s money to make money legally, you should do so. In today's article, we will explore 16 Websites Where Rich or Kind People Literally Give Away Free Money with ‘no strings attached’.

The internet is full of platforms that provide a means for those in need to connect with generous individuals willing to help. These platforms cover a wide array of financial needs, ranging from medical debt and student loans to assistance with living expenses, paying rent or mortgage, taking a dream vacation, funding groceries, and even supporting business ideas.

Whether you're facing a medical emergency, struggling with student loan debt, or dreaming of starting your own business, these websites could be the lifeline you need. Let's dive into the list.

1. Begging Money ( Begging Money is a platform where individuals can create personal pages, describe their financial needs, and ask others for financial assistance directly. An example of a request on the website is, "Help with bills he left us - Single mom, desperately needed help with bills he left us with." You can create a personal page, honestly explaining your circumstances and the financial assistance you require. It's as straightforward as visiting the website, creating your page, and waiting for potential donors to respond.

2. Indiegogo - ( Known for fueling entrepreneurial dreams, Indiegogo caters to a range of projects from tech innovations to creative ideas. It operates as a crowdfunding platform, allowing you to set up a project and seek financial backing from the public. It caters to a variety of projects, ranging from innovative tech products to creative works.

3. Fundly - ( Fundly is an easy-to-use crowdfunding platform designed for online fundraising. It caters to various individuals, non-profits, and organizations seeking financial aid for various causes. If you require funds for disaster relief, memorials, or social needs, Fundly could be your platform. To start, you'll need to create an account, describe your project or cause in detail, set a fundraising budget, and share your campaign with potential donors.

4. Just Giving - ( Just Giving is a global online social platform for giving. It serves multiple purposes, from fundraising for charities to supporting personal causes. You can set up your fundraising campaign on their website, outlining the reasons for your needs and the amount required.

5. Patreon - ( Patreon is a platform that allows creators to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, also known as "patrons." Ideal for artists, musicians, content creators, and writers seeking to monetize their work, Patreon allows you to receive ongoing support from your audience. Begin by creating a profile, detailing your offerings, defining your membership tiers, and building a community of patrons. You may subscribe to my Patreon Membership Platform here

6. Go GetFunding - ( Go Get Funding allows you to raise funds for personal plans, projects, events, or personal causes. This platform is open to various types of fundraising campaigns. Create a fundraising page, share your story, set a financial goal, and promote it within your network to start.

7. Begslist - ( Begslist is a free platform where individuals can ask for donations online. It provides a space for people to fulfill needs like food, clothing, shelter, and education.

8. Fundable - ( Fundable is a crowdfunding platform tailored to small businesses, start-ups, and large enterprises. It allows entrepreneurs to raise funds from both accredited investors and customers who want to pre-order new products or services.

9. Fund My Travel - ( Fund My Travel is an online platform that enables individuals to create campaigns to raise funds for domestic or international travel expenses. Whether it's for leisure, work, or family emergencies, Fund My Travel can help cover all potential travel costs.

10. Kickstarter - ( Renowned for funding creative projects, Kickstarter caters to films, games, music, art, design, and technology projects. You can launch a campaign seeking funding for your innovative ideas and offer rewards or experiences in exchange for pledges.

11. Crowdfundr - ( Crowdfundr is a platform that connects entrepreneurs with investors globally to help fund their business ventures.

12. Ulule - ( Ulule is a leading global crowdfunding platform that supports projects across various categories, ranging from technology to food and more. It offers a space for 'change makers' to bring their ideas to life, seek funding from a community of supporters.

13. Seed & Spark ( Specifically tailored for film and TV projects, Seed and Spark provides filmmakers with resources and support to bring their stories to the screen, covering production, distribution, and marketing costs.

14. Circle Up - ( Focusing on helping consumer brands raise capital, Circle Up offers emerging consumer product companies a chance to connect with accredited investors to fund business expansion.

15. Rocket Hub - ( Providing a space for entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators seeking funding for different ventures, Rocket Hub is versatile. You can create a campaign page on their website and seek funds for your project.

16. Go Fund Me - ( Renowned for its ability to raise funds during times of difficulty, GoFundMe has been used by millions. From funding celebrations, graduations, to accidents and illnesses, this platform covers a wide variety.

17. Rockstar Grant - This is a unique way to thank my YouTube subscribers whom I refer to as ‘Rockstars’ for their support on my channel. The grant is issued whenever I get more than 3M views in a month and can range from US$10K-$50K. You may watch this video to learn more

In conclusion, it's important to approach these platforms with sincerity, honesty, and genuine need. It's not a guaranteed solution, and it's crucial to maintain the drive to work hard and be self-reliant. With determination and a compelling story, you may find generous individuals who are willing to provide the financial support you need. Best wishes on your crowdfunding journey!




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